Employing people impacted by the criminal justice system
benefits us all.

A Win-Win for Employer and Employee

Employers registered with WhenPeopleWork consider an individual's qualifications first, and not his or her record. As a result, everyone benefits. Employers get loyal and hardworking individuals. Employees get a job that fulfills their potential. WhenPeopleWork provides a simple, fair, transparent and reliable process for employers and employees that matches potential candidates with jobs based on training, skills and experience.

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No More Searching

WhenPeopleWork uses technology that does the work of searching for the right jobs or applicants for you. Applicants fill out their profiles with qualifications, and employers fill out a job description with requirements. Then our system automatically matches applicants with employers and notifies each party of the match.


Find a Job Faster

Tell Us About Yourself

Fill out a simple form with your skills, training and qualifications.

See Your Jobs

Our system automatically matches applicants with jobs based on their qualifications.

Make a Connection

Use our messaging system to communicate with potential employers. Build out your profile to give employers a better idea who you are.

Government Officials:

Track the Results

Review Applicants' Progress

System administrators have access to applicants' profiles and matches.

See Available Jobs

Monitor applicant pools and relevant job market opportunities.

Assess Success Rates

See what matches have been made and how many of those matches have resulted in employment. Periodic social and fiscal impact analytics and analysis will be provided to government participants.


Easily Find Qualified Applicants

Post a Job

Post jobs based on the skills and qualifications that the positions require.

See Your Matches

View the applicants that match your job requirements. Adjust the post if results are too wide or narrow.

Reap the Benefits

There are many benefits to hiring a formerly incarcerated individual, including loyalty, work ethic, tax credits, lower costs and more.

Hiring the Formerly Incarcerated Benefits All Americans

"Around 70 million Americans have some sort of criminal record. It means millions of Americans have difficulty even getting their foot in the door to try to get a job, much less actually hang on to that job. That's bad for not only those individuals—it's bad for our economy; it's bad for the communities that desperately need more role models who are gainfully employed. So we've got to make sure Americans who've paid their debt to society can earn their second chance."

— President Barack Obama

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