About Us

With a U.S. prison population of 2.3 million and nearly 640,000 people being released annually, there is a dire need for programs that help individuals with a criminal background reintegrate into society and establish productive lives. Finding employment is a crucial step in the re-entry process, and that's where WhenPeopleWork comes in. 

WhenPeopleWork is an online employment matching system that aligns men and women impacted by the criminal justice system—as well as incarcerated individuals on track to be released—with employers who already know that their job candidates from our program will be people with criminal records. The "check the box" question about a criminal conviction history is eliminated, as is the stigma attached to it. The result is a fair chance at meaningful employment.

Available free of charge to job seekers and employers, the WhenPeopleWork program uses a sophisticated algorithm to accurately match an individual's skills, education, personal attributes, and experiences with the needs of hiring companies. The system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of state, municipal, and federal governments so that they can directly help to find jobs for people nearing release from their correctional facilities. The system can even be made available in prisons and jails, and the families of incarcerated individuals can access the program from their homes. For individuals with a criminal background, the program offers training on how to use this unique matching system.

WhenPeopleWork is owned and operated by First-GIG.com, LLC, of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., which administers two other employment matching services—1stGig, which focuses on job matching for recent college graduates ( www.1stgig.com ), and VetsBridge, which specializes in matching returning veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces with jobs ( www.vetsbridge.com ).

First-GIG will pledge up to 10 percent of all pre-tax profit derived from WhenPeopleWork to programs and organizations dedicated to assisting incarcerated and people with criminal records and their families, including programs for prison education, legal services, parole release preparation, and criminal justice reform.