A Nationwide Problem

The Revolving Door of Recidivism

More than 600,000 individuals are released from prison or jail annually.

Within three years more than half return to prison. The vast majority (89%) of previously incarcerated persons who are re-arrested were unemployed.

Employers registered with WhenPeopleWork consider an individual's qualifications first, and not his or her record. As a result, everyone benefits.

Employers get loyal and hardworking individuals

Employees get a job that fulfills their potential. WhenPeopleWork provides a simple, fair, transparent, and reliable process for employers and employees that matches potential candidates with jobs based on training, skills, and experience.

How It Works

Easy setup process for both formerly-incarcerated individuals and employers


Via WhenPeopleWork.com, they create a FREE profile outlining their skills, training history, education, interests, and other person attributes.


Via WhenPeopleWork.com, they create an employer account, build a company profile, and describe the ideal candidate for the job openings.


Using all of the information provided, WhenPeopleWork.com's algorithm can connect formerly-incarcerated individuals with job openings.

Simplicity Up Front

Complexity behind the scenes

Usability Focus

The matching algorithm is complex and sophisticated, but the user interface is built to be simple and straightforward.

Features for Third Party Advocates

Social workers and family members can use the website on behalf of the formerly incarcerated individual in situations where they cannot.

Empirical Data

Comprehensive data will be collected for all participants in collaboration with our affiliates.

Reentry Participants

  • Employment
  • Wages/Benefits
  • Well-Being
  • Recidivism
  • Demographics


  • Placements
  • Retention
  • Satisfaction
  • Reentry Incentives
  • Demographics


  • Public Assistance
  • Social Services
  • Crime Rates
  • Public Sector Savings & Benefits

Want to Learn more?

Contact Anthony Dixon, National Employment Manager at anthony@whenpeoplework.com to learn more about what we do.